Dear Developer, The Web Isn’t About You by Charlie Owen

If you’ve ever wanted to see an old lady’s personal anger and rants about the modern web industry turned into a talk, you’ve come to the right place.
This is Old Lady Shouts At Clouds to the nth degree. History of the web
I’m here to talk to you about the single biggest invention in human hi…

A great piece on #html first from @sonniesedge #edu106 Learning HTML is learning to read and write.

Think about the language choices when discussing #divides and most importantly invite all voices to the table. Even moster important learn to listen. #marginalsyllabus
Welcome to Voldemorting, the Ultimate SEO Dis (WIRED)

When writers swap Trump for Cheeto and 45, it's not just a put-down. Removing a keyword is the anti-SEO—transforming your subject into a slippery, ungraspable, swarm.

I need to read paper but it Voldemorting and Slytherining at same time. People who write"bird site" are also signifying membership in snarky ways.
Words Matter – Moving Beyond “Meritocracy” (Mozilla Stands for Inclusion)

Diversity and Inclusion is central to our mission and to everything we do at Mozilla.
In addition to our commitment to a diverse workforce and inclusive culture, we are dedicated to making our governance, our community, and our participation opportunities fully welcoming and supportive of a broad di…

Hey #unboundeq here is a great read from @sunnydeveloper on why Words Matter.
‘This is horrific’: Detroit charter school stuns parents and students with news that it will close next week (Chalkbeat)

Just weeks after starting the school year, parents and students at the Detroit Delta Preparatory Academy for Social Justice got the stunning news Wednesday that their school will close next week.

Go #charters #edreform  This is the scary under belly of market driven school choice. Students are people not part of balance sheet.