Continuing to build #IndieWeb Citation machine: h-cite markup for APA

In this post I describe the efforts of Martin and I to develop a system to create APA citation with the proper microformat2 markup.

Martin built an amazing first prototype: I am now trying to write the formatting for the major APA types.

If you are in digital humanities I could use the same help with MLA

APA Formats


<p class="h-cite"><span class="p-author h-card">Gee, James, Paul </span> <time class="dt-published">(2018)</time>. <span class="p-publication" style="em">Anti-education era: Creating Smarter Students Through Digital Learning. </span>.<span class="p-locality">New York</span>: <span class="p-publisher>Macmillan</span></p>

Chapter in Book

<p class="h-cite"><span class="p-author h-card">Family Name, Given Name</span><time class="dt-published">(2018)</time>.<span class="p-name">Chapter title</a>. In <span class="h-card">Editor Given Name first initial, Family Name</span> (eds.)  <span class="p-name" style="em">Title of Book</span>(pages of chapter).<span class="p-locality">New York</span>: <span class="p-publisher>Macmillan</span></p>

I will keep adding to these I we move along. If you want to contribute please hop in and add citation styles as an issue in the GitHub repo.

5 responses on “Continuing to build #IndieWeb Citation machine: h-cite markup for APA”

  1. Here is how the new ZoteroBib APA cites your blog post:

    Continuing to build #IndieWeb Citation machine: h-cite markup for APA – INTERTEXTrEVOLUTION. (n.d.). Retrieved June 9, 2018, from

    Just thought you might want to see how other citation engines handle citation in the wild. Note that Zotero did not pick up the date or the author as a tag.

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