Year Two of our Geography Information Systems Institute

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For the next three days teachers from across New Haven will gather for the second year of our GIS Institute.

We work with educators to realize that new technologies have changed the academic discourses in our disciplines. New text have emegrged. New Skills are required.

At the same opportunities for interdisciplinary learning have grown in our networked society.

The Inquiry Arc and Online Research and Media Skills

A We want educators to develop opportunities to see geography in every subject. It is not simply a course or a unit but a spatial way of thinking and analyzing the world.

New England History Teachers Association

We also want our students to apply the Inquiry Arc throughout a unit. GIS and together tools we will use at the institute are a from of disciplinary literacies. The inquiry arc is meaning making in action.

New England History Teachers Association

The skills and text students need to encounter must also provide the formative experiences to investigate texts across the dimensions of the inquiry arc.

You can not separate one from the other. GIS is not easy. We plot quantitative data onto maps and ask students to draw conclusions.

We ask teachers to design units that cut across more than one discipline.

The Three Day Institute

This is our second summer gathering. We will begin with refresher exercises on GIS.

In the digital studio lab we will learn about a timeline tool called TimelineJS and teachers will develop inquiry tasks to use the too.

We will then analyze student exemplars to see how well we can identify the skills that surfaced during the teaching  of GIS

Amazing Teachers

Mainly we will learn. The teachers in NHPS always have some great new insight to offer us. I can not wait to the end of the celebration showcase when educators will show off what they built over the past year.

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