When is a Pic is a Photo: Lingering Questions About Post Type Discovery

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Content Warning: Super nerdy, not education stuff. Feel free to go back and make us more super nerds.

I asked a question today about why some people felt post types, meaning having templates for each different kind of posts like a note, photo, or article was an inferior method to post type discovery.

The post type discovery, I believe,  relies more on parsers and algorithms to sort all the parts and decide what type of post is being displayed and what type of interaction is required.

Basically do you bubble wrap Humpty Dumpty and carefully unwrap him on the other side

or just shove them through the packets and put them back to together again?

Which ever method, do it yourself. Forget the King and his horses. Upper management will just make another committee.

Reading the wiki and in comments from people in the -dev channel. It seems post type discovery is the preferred method of many. The wiki page states a  explicit post types that are being abandoned by modern post creation.

When is a picture a photo?

Emphasis mine, but the bias is pretty clear.

The example given was  post type discovery algorithm automatically takes any note with a photo and makes it a photo post.

I am getting stuck on this rule.

Maybe its the way I use photos. I never Instagrammed and didn’t share photos on facebook often because I hated how much they stepped on them. If I care about you enough I should love you in full resolution.

So for a pic to be published to my photo gallery it has to be really cool, important, or interesting.

On the other hand I feel like I write notes to people all the time and include pics. These are usually screenshots. Quick tutorials with, “hey do this” and an arrow pointing to to a button.

An Algorithm?

I would not want that in my photo feed. Post type templates let me decide what is a note, what is a pic, and what is a photo.

Not sure I want an algorithm deciding how to publish my stuff. Kinda the reason I turned to the IndieWeb in the first place.


The #IndieWeb community is quite split on the efficacy, efficiency and dangers of using databases. You can find a page on database and a page on database anti-patterns. If word count is an indication of bias you can clearly see many are against the idea of using databases.

Templates do cause problems. Just ask a WordPress user, which is me, so I do not pretend to have the answer.

I do know on my website, some notes do contain pics, algorithm or no algorithm.


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