#Walkmyworld Learning Event Three Reflection

This week we asked you to represent your digital identities. This marked our first #walk beyond sharing a picture or making a connection. We asked you to start doing your identity work that went beyond participating and sharing on the web. Now we asked you to compose your identity..

CC-BY. Jon Nicholls. Identity. Flickr
CC-BY. Jon Nicholls. Identity. Flickr

So as a reflection I decided to create another remix. I will continue this series throughout #walkmyworld. The point of this remix is to understand we (re)Design our Digital Identities. There is no singular Me. Only the plural. During our time together in #walkmyworld we want you to  build your professional identity in online places.

This work involves a sense of agency and artistry. You need to weave a narrative while the world pulls on your threads.

The Raw Numbers

To date there have been a total of 1752 Tweets sent. 145 participants have sent more than one tweet. 62 participants have shared more than five tweets. 1,190 links have been shared. This means we are curating many makes and links.

In many ways your digital identities are not just constructed they are curate curated constructs. You project yourself out into the Web with the links you share and upvote.

The Representations

My favorite representations have come from Ms. Booth’s classes. They recreated Tupac Shakur’s Rose in a Concrete through visual design. It is amazing to note how multimodal young children are in their literary practices. Our non-verbocentric practices are not something we need to develop but simply re-discover. It is an obvious truth so many miss.

We also had many participants submit their first websites or blogs for this make. That makes me happy. Blogging is a method to ensure we use Gee’s Reflective Circuit of Inquiry. It isn’t a guarantee but it a blog opens portals into so many different knowledge communities.

Check out the rss feed. We are now up to fourteen blogs.

I was inspired by Ian’s autobiogrpahy and hope to write my soon.

Moving Forward

I think I declared poetry dead too soon. In our fourth walk together the learning event will ask us to examine the metaphor and imagery of Dawn. #Walkmyworld in many ways is our dawn. I see new ideas born of new light. Kate, Crystal, Alecia, Melvina, Stephanie and all my new friends keep pushing me.

You do not have to write poetry for #walkmyworld. Make this space your own. How does the idea of Dawn fit with math or the humanities? You decide.

I am working on a few pieces. I can’t wait to share my ideas.

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