Take the #Edchat #BurpeesforBobby Challenge


Hey #edchat can you share a reflection on this year’s first day?

To celebrate the first week of school, and to highlight the power of being a public educator I am issuing a series of challenges in the online spaces where I make, play and learn.

All of these challenges revolve around supporting my brother, his fiancee, and Baby Bobby their son. Baby Bobby was born with a type of leukodystrophy that affects the brain and nervous system.As a family we wanted to use this moment to create and share some love and positivity. So we created the #BurpeesForBobby challenge.

I am asking my social networks to get involved in ways that celebrate the learning we do in these spaces. #DS106, #CLMOOC, and #Edtechchat started off the adventure by creating shareable content.

I now turn to #edchat and ask you to reflect on your first day of teaching.

My brother Bobby, is starting is first job in a school district. He has taught for years. In fact I am jealous of his global travels as he taught and learned in countries spanning both hemispheres.

First Day of Teaching during the Hardest Days of Your Life

On Monday Bobby entered his classroom as a ESL teacher at Becker Elementary School in Austin, TX. At night, however, he does not get to go home. He heads to the hospital to spend time with Baby Bobby. He has to commute each day from the children’s ward.

I was thinking long and hard what advice I would give to a new teacher. I tried to develop lists and ideas but it was came back to one word. Reflect. I truly believe good teaching begins with great reflection. I believe this to be even better when this reflection is on the web in open but even a quick journal every night will make you a stronger educator.

Take the Challenge

So I ask my #edchat friends to share a reflection on the first day of school. Just include the hashtag #burpeesforbobby and I will find it (if you want to take the exercise challenge, or organize one at you school, even better).

If possible  send $5 or $10 donation  to youcaring.com/babybobby. While the reflection and spreading a positive message is the point of #BurpeesForBobby we all know the costs of running a classroom. We all shell out of pocket for supplies. For Bobby and  his fiancee, Constanza they have not been able to absorb these costs. Commuting from a hospital, living off of restaurants, showering when you can…I  gets tough. Constanza, who is also a teacher even had to reduce her hours to twenty a week in order  to provide round the clock medical care to their sweet child.


So will you take up the #edchat #BurpeesForBobby challenge? Can you share a reflection (and possibly a donation)?

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