Have you seen what @facebook did: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/14/technology/facebook-data-russia-election-racism.html It is time to quit social media silos that destroy our democracy, or at least publish on your own site and syndicate to places like Twitter (still quit facebook)

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When your CMS Just decides to change things. I know it’s deterministic. Has to be a reason, but not sure what it is

Trying to stick in my source

<p><em>This was also posted to
<a href="https://indieweb.xyz/en/bloggingresearch” class="u-syndication">/en/bloggingresearch</a>.</em></p>

and it comes out like this:

screen shot of html

 <p><em>This was also posted to <a href="https://indieweb.xyz/en/bloggingresearch&rdquo;%20class=">/en/bloggingresearch</a>.</em></p>

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That was the commercial service Convoy. There were always open source syndication options. I chose Convoy to support @benwerd.

You can update to the most stable version from GitHub and syndication works.

We are trying to get a team together who can work on an ActivityPub plugin.

That is above my skill level. I am trying to make a read and listen plugin using those experimental post types.

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