Storify as a Space for Presence Assessment

I have long worked in the field of e-portfolios. I recently found a CD-ROM with the first portolio assessment system I created for a district. It used Hyperstudio and we were creating an assessment system for Vo-AG. I then went on to working with Connecticut Technical High Schools and tried to use Mahara to develop their portfolio system.

My thinking has shifted. I believe in open education, if we want to assess student abilities for future learning, we need to look beyond portfolios. Now we need to think about presence assessment systems rather than portfolio assessment systems. We need to start thinking about teaching students to brand their online identity and measure the signals they share.

I have been thinking about exactly how could we encourage presence in open education. It is not about one spot, or one digital hub, Open learning crosses many networks. You might share a great update on Facebook, write a post on your blog, have an amazing Twitter exchange, or share wonderful photos on Google+ and Flickr.

How could a  student, in a class that values open ed curate this content? Enter Storify.


We have been using Storify to curate the #walkmyworld project and I realized we can utilize the tool to allow students to develop presence assessment systems. Imagine having different time points where students have to tell their story. Imagine having them add artifacts and reflecting on the significance these artifacts played in their own learning.

Then students could share and connect to each other regardless of their preferred network for open learning.

Just an idea but one I want to let percolate.

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