Snagit for Chrome Adds Screencasting-Yippeee

One of the joys of writing in the open about digital texts and tools is being able to beta test new features. I can’t lie. I was a little giddy when I got to play with the new screencasting tool, Snagit for Chrome from Techsmith.

I have a long history with screencasting. The ability to record browsers has been essential to my work. I started with Camtasia, transitioned to ShowMe, played with Jing, then finally settled on Screencast-o-Matic. Snagit for Chrome now replaces all of these past iterations (as long as I am just recording browsers activity).

How do I do It?

Here is a quick video on how to enable the features (Once Chrome 34 is released these steps will no longer be necessary).

What are the benefits?

I decided to choose Snagit for Chrome over other screencasting options. Mainly because of the deep integration with Google services. For me life is better in the Googleverse. If you want to see an example of me using Snagit for Chrome look  at this tutorial on I created:

Snagit for Chrome has push button publishing to YouTube. From there I can download the video if I want to do any post production work.

To date  I have quickly used Snagit for Chrome to provide feedback in my writing classes (though I cannot share these), created tutorials, and did some general geeking around.

The limitations

For those with ARM based 2.0 RAM Chromebooks…sorry. I tried it on my sammy. Those great little machines don’t have  enough juice for Snagit for Chrome. Audio will kick out quickly.

The share to Google Drive feature does not work consistently. Half of the videos I share to Drive fail to load.

You cannot download the videos on MAC. Snagit for Chrome uses a a TechSmith codec that did not work on my VLC player for MAC.

Snagit for Chrome does not have any post production abilities. I had to use iMovie, Mozilla Popcorn,  or WeVideo to add in texts, transitions, and pop-ups. Good news, these all worked. I also have to assume, given TechSmith’s history, post-production editing will come in the future.


Everyone who lives in Chrome should love Snagit for Chrome. Just always share directly to YouTube. The videos by default are unlisted (awesome). You also can rename and change the privacy settings right in Snagit for Chrome. If you then want to edit the video simply download the mp4 from YouTube.

Snagit for Chrome will quickly become your default app for screencasting.

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