Recruiting Guest Speakers for #EDU522-Come Join me for <10 min

I am exploring audio and video formats as part of #EDU522. In all of my onlien teaching students enjoy expert panels more than recorded slide decks. Yet, I also know few finish hour long podcast

So after watching how microcast work on in the community I thought about switching it up for #EDU522: Digital Teaching and Learning Too and doing short microcast.

Here are the topics:

  • You are your Domain- Chris Adlrich-Date/Time: TBD
  • Open vs Privacy-Guest: TBD-Date/Time: TBD
  • Open Pedagogy-Guest: TBD-Date/Time: TBD
  • Connected Learning and Affinity Spaces: -Guest: TBD-Date/Time: TBD
  • Assessment and Open Pedagogy -Guest: TBD-Date/Time: TBD

Featured Image: Podcast in Retro flickr photo by themaccraic-david shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license

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