Thanks for the thought. Especially on the context dependent. As I was placing practices in the circle and trying to get alignment it felt like a very self-reliant model of one western style thinking. Too American almost not just western. I always remember Mikko, when we were debating the map, discussing how there is no word for argumentation in Finnish. Rhetorically you do not try to change minds. You write well written pieces designed to help others choose.

I do believe certain activities, both required and supported by the Web, are more favored in knowledge economies than they have been in the past. In the 1400s we did have to communicate but there was a 90% chance this communication was in small villages. The mercantile class in most urban centers was quite small. Now because of our Networked society greater emphasis is placed on these practices.

I struggled with using communication. It is such a big term it often means nothing, but I went it trying to capture the reading and writing of literary practices as a social event designed to move others.