Hey #edu522 here is today’s #dailyponderance…We spend a lot of time with machines in this class. How do they feel about it. Take time and and play a round of @lonelyengines https://magicspacegirl.itch.io/lonely-engines  If you aren’t on Twitter or Mastodon just publish to your blog and tag the post. RSS is a friend of the machines,…

So in my #edu522 we are studying connected learning and aaffinity spaces this week anyone in the #indieweb community want to hop on a quick microcast and let me ask you four questions about learning and leading the community? I need to work on a model for the class.

@autmm  Here is my class https://edu522.networkedlearningcollabortive.com using webmentions as part of class is awesome and release of some new #IndieWeb plugins makes it easier  with WordPress.. though I am still tempted to try @microdotblog

#EDU522 is the first time I am using the full #IndieWeb WordPress suite with students..Going very well…Even got badges to work as webmentions too bad it it a three week class…that causes stress…takes about three weeks just to get comfortable. https://edu522.networkedlearningcollaborative.com