Notes from #IndieWeb Summit

Tantek Çelik:

Can’t believe we are doing this for the 8th time! Welcome to the annual summit.

There was an explosion of Homebrew Website Club. We also are announcing IndieWeb Camp Berlin November 3rd-4th.

Chris Aldrich:

It took me longer to write the post then it id did to start publishing to GitHub from my blog.

Tantek Çelik:

The WordPress work has been great as we build a new Getting Started and Plug In page. Drupal gets a build by @swentel. One person can make a difference.

Shows the iOS web reader built by @eddie. Who knew you would need to ask for a chronological feed?

Manton Reece:

Hapy to share three things: user experience, community, …and I pull a

The goal of is about making the web as easy to use and popular as @twitter.

we need this on the #indieweb apps for everyone, for we have a suite of apps focused on the user experience

The princple of content ownership (second of @mantons three goals) is having your own domain name. It is about the web being like it used to be.

Owning your content isn’t about portable software. It’s about a portable URL and data. is two things: a blog hosting platform and a social network. It doesn’t matter if you use @WordPress or we host it for you. You can move it and get your content out.

Jean MacDonald:

We have a responsibility to make sure in the timeline that people feel safe.

I was really impressed. I have never seen a strecth goal that was about improving the community.

Greg McVerry:

This is why I believe Design for Inclusion needs to be a principle and not something just for the Code of Conduct.

Jean MacDonald:

Communities NEED caretakers. As shown with Twitter, neglect is not benign.For the good stuff to grow, you have to deal with the bad stuff.

We also started a microcast to feature a member of the community each week and curate a daily feed of interesting posts.

The building of community is not all altruistic. When people feel safe and as a member of the community they build stuff for everyone.

We have a way to go. (Shows their documentation) and said it is too hard for most people still. We don’t want to push people into the deep end.

Greg McVerry:

Then make your pool more shallow.

Jean MacDonald:

“Let’s start off in the shallow end” @macgenie says the same thing. Many people move from to their own domain. Getting people started is our goal.

Having a community that feels safe allows us to build the biggest community possible.

Aaron Parecki:

I am back up here to talk about readers.

Jonathan LaCour:

Together is a JavaScript for a client to handle the Social Web. It works as a Progressive Web App on @Android, kind of buggy on iOS but that’s Apple’s fault. @grantcodes did 90% of the work.

Aaron Parecki:

Aperture as of this week is now open for public beta:

That’s my announcement for #IndieWeb social readers. Let’s have fun with this.

William Hertling:

I am excited to be here because the #indieWeb has been so influential to what I write. (His book about Kill Process actually mentions the #IndieWeb).

Who owns are data, and how is it processed is critical.

In Kill Process, Angie uses her job at Tomo to profile domestic abusers, and then kills them. Angie decides her job is to destroy Tomo.

I tried to weave the princeiples of the #IndieWeb into the decentralized social web Angie built. When I wrote about tapestry I wanted to think about generation4 users.

There are some important differences between the princeples of IndieWeb and what Angie built. These are important and I want to discuss these.

If we want to get people off of facebook we need to give them an easy way to share what they want.

Most of the problems we have today from the corporate web is money. Yet as a writer I like to make money as well. And I hate advertising. So I came up with micropayments in Tapestry.

This why I like being a writer. I get to invent all this software without writing any code. It is way easier. (said no coder ever).

Greg McVerry:

Anythign in parentheses is my thoughts.

IndieWeb focuses on the individual. Tapestry focus on the whole. IndieWeb doesn’t think about monetization. Making money isn’t bad.


div class=’notercite h-cite’>William Hertling:


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I am a Gen one full stack developer who wants the gen4 experience because I am lazy.

What Angie realizes that she needs to work with other people to build what she wants. When I come back to #IndieWeb I see a group of committed people and I see the principles., but we desperatley need to get the world off of the big guys

We need to bring in more people and not talk to just developer (glad we have sessions on rethinking princeples).

@doctorow compares privacy to water, but we know clean water is the domain of government, and individual can not do it., but what do you do when the government is the enemy of privacy?

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