My Goals For #IndieWebCamp NYC: #OpenBadges Endorsement at the DNS Level

indieweb and glitch logos
Over  last few months I have worked to create the learning tools teachers need for #OpenPedagogy on the amazing tool Glitch, a collaborative coding community.

As teachers we  all teach the same courses. Yet we each exist in the silos of different LMS and allow our labor, especially adjunct and contingent faculty, to get exploited. Our content can’t be shared and remixed. Learning disappears at the end of the semester. Labor Lost.

The #IndieWeb is a better way forward for professors and educators. It is time to control what we create.

To make this easy, while also teaching the bit of HTML (though you can use my templates without touching any tags, classes, or elements….meaning change text not HTML), I have started to use @Glitch.

This weekend I hope to add one more component to the template. The ability to award badges using webmention technology.

This will require figuring out how to send and receive. For now I may use existing third party software like and telegraph and connect those into @Glitch. Long term I want to build, or fork these tools into Glitch and then connect with the existing tutorials for storage.

It may sound quite technical, and it maybe for a bit, but the long term goal is to take my #IndieWeb course template and make it a one button install for educators.

Looking forward to seeing what others build at #IndieWebCamp NYC.


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