My #EDU522 Subjectives

This class could easily have well defined and measurable objectives. I could, for example, analyze your writing to see how many times you used and attributed evidence from the readings in your post (not enough yet BTW).

We could watch your understanding of HTML grow. Many of you, as we explored meme culture over the last few days, built your first website. I heard someone so amazed when they threw the url to their Glitch project into Slack and the url appeared like a working website.

It was, it is a working website. All that is measurable.

Yet that isn’t the objective. You are the objective, the rest of us we’re just the content to get you there.

So in a long tradition of borrowing from David Cormier I ask you to define your learning subjectives. You can work to remixing an activity and using my course template, but you don’t have to. Want to use Omeka to curate a collection, cool. Want to write a book proposal and chapter in Scalar. Want to build a unit on equivalent fractions feel free to use my template. Go crazy. All the tools are available for you to install with a button.

What you can not install is purpose. Your mission in this class must involve you wanting to accomplish something with digital teaching and learning.

My Learning Goal for #EDU522

I want to be able to send and receive webmentions from my class website. What Chris Aldrich is doing makes me rethink assessment and badging. We can capture a lot of learning with webmentions.

My goal with the course template I designed for EDU522 was to always have simple easily remixable template based on simple easy to navigate instructional design. I have gotten there.

Now I need the webmentions.

I will use this piece by Aaron Parecki on sending your first webmention and this Ruby on Rail App I started at the IndieWeb Summit.

I may not finish by the time class is over. That’s okay. I am going to document and share my learning as I go.

I am looking forward to seeing what everyone commits to building, and if that’s nothing more than building your domain that is a plenty fine subjective.

Measures flickr photo by M A N O N – shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license

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