#mnli13 Day One Reflection: (re)Mixing Kool-aid

A shift happened. It wasn’t fast. Not earth shattering, but teachers are increasingly ready to for digital teaching and learning.

We had built MNLI, from its founding by Don Leu, Hiller Spires, Carl Young, Julie Coiro, and Jill Castek to today, with the idea that we were introducing teachers to digital teaching and learning. In our recent iterations we put content to the foreground and tried to say your pedagogical goal matters more than your digital text and tools. In other words we were trying to get teachers to drink the kool-aid.

This year on the first day of #mnli I found that not only had they drank the kool-aid but many wanted to remix the recipe.


This is good. But it is a new challenge. The teachers are moving faster than the infrastructure at the school. The teachers are moving faster than the curriculum The teachers are moving faster than each other.

That is the challenge, and that is where reimixing the recipe comes in. We need to differentiate for the teachers who want to make kool-aid and those wo are just starting to take the first sip. For the future of #mnli I think this means empowering our participants to develop the program.

For example this year we added “unsessions” for advanced users to share how they use digital text and tools. Next year I think we will open up the program for participant submissions.

This will allow us to create a community of makers who will support each other on our journey into digital teaching and learning.

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