Add Custom Properties To Menu Links In Word Press # Indie Web : Greg McVerry : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Hey #edu106 here is my screencast for our final. WordPress users how to add custom properties to links in your menus. #indieweb #DoOO #DeigPed #Literacies #edtechchat
I have finished reading through many #edu307 and #edu106 post and I can’t believe what insights and honesty I see from people.

A few of you are ready to step up your games and some need a gentle reminder that our peers expect more than just one paragraph.

One Paragraph Post

I don’t begrudge the one parapgraph post in the first week or so. First you are learning all kinds of new tech. I throw around websites like Pollack throws around paint. Blogging is a lot to learn and if you don’t look carefully you will see nothing but a mess. You are also conditioned to think of Microsoft Word as lonmg form ans facebook and isntagram for writing on the web.

We need to change that. Find your own voice on your own website. Be your own social network.

In the video I offer tips on improving your academic blogging