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I’m doing the migration manually, post by post. Known exported as RSS, and I was able to import that to start (WP’s built-in RSS importer threw errors, so I had to use this).

You maybe able to add that and just go through and edit>republish on all your posts.

Maybe that will work.





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Long term we have to start building our networks away from corporate silos (like using our websites and RSS) and create our own professional streams.

If you know of any good CSS grid tutorials in @glitch let me know. I will keep workiong on mine but won’t be ready to develop tutorials for some time. When I was contributing to @thimble we made a default tutorial md page folks could add. Might be something for your team to think about.

Here is the link.

u-photo  a microformat2 markup Th u just tells readers and parsers to expect a link. Read more: https://microformats.org/wiki/microformats2-prefixes

I just copied  @schmarty’s Kapowksi gif generator and added the u-photo class.

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Adding the post-kind menus now.