Agree with these. Except the phone. That’s an excuse. Be like an alcoholic saying I am going to drink a lot. My brain is wired differently. Maybe folks need to detoxify their digital life. Either remove notifications or social media from your phone. All research points to SM making people less happy.

It will live here: but I am updating the site to CSS Grid here:!/join/dba8d63f-612a-4170-8cfe-eb4bf3accded Well this will be template for all my courses. Added a no notification and no driving section to Code of Conduct this morning.

My Summer B Digital Teaching and Learning II will focus on instructional design and open pedagogy. Class is available for grad credit (must submit portfolio if they having taking Digital Teaching an Learning I…a url to a blog) or free to anyone in the world.

I love the rewind feature. Used it yesterday to replace a bunch of edits an Anonymous contributor made after I accidentally deleted them. This was more about keeping GitHub current rather than Glitch. Just need to get into best practice of downloading and uploading after each session. Notifications of anonymous edits or line highlights when login in after anonymous edits would be nice. Will leave note on discourse if thread doesn’t exist

Look at the #satchat hashtag a weekly scheduled chat of school principals and leaders plagued by spam and porn. Same bat time, same bat channel very week yet @twitter does nothing when hashtags trend or get pouplar.

I want to build three-four main pieces for us folks that have hung together last ten years. Templates for us to remix for basic workflow, courses, static, professional org page, and a network of personal blogs connected through micropub. Top it off with a pedagogically driven microsub reader and I will be swimming in fun.

A few extra classes (microformats)  in our html and we can really connect to a web teachers help to shape and control.

Just go to From there either search for projects (some kids will get lost just playing rather building games) and remix away, or choose new project and get basic website or app ready to go. If you have GitHub repo you can download and upload.

Needs some pedagogical love. Suggest tutorial md file in projects assigned to kids. Has a some button they want me to install because Jess says so but I want to try and fork the file system into my tutorial.

Really helpful text editor but not double frame, where you code on one side and see changes on the other, like thimble or a triple like jsfiddle, a raising hand option for students (can’t wait to try), good GitHub integration

But mainly built upon a spirit of remixing code in fun maker ways.

My original response

I wish I was as bad as you I have never even tried before. This is a great resource. was just going to open up each file side by side to each other and try to make them match.

Even if I never get a fork working just understanding how the major templates are marked up without getting to any functions I will feel like a success.