I didn’t give up social. Just willing to have fun working on solutions from my website. I can #IndieWeb and EduTwitter at the same time and that’s a good a stress test as any.

I did turn off all notifications (except personal email and text), never installed work email on my phone. Recently deactivated facebook and replaced with SMS group chats with people that really matter. Try your solution. Won’t be mine but it will bring time and happiness. Promise.

I like this definition a lot @petermolnar. Here is my try:

A webmention is a protocol, or set of rules dictating how data is shared on the web, that tells your website another place on the web published something with a link back to to your site. To make this work on social media people use a tool like Bridgy. This creates a backfeed which is the process of sending a post on social media “back” to your site as a webmention.

@readywriting It is why I added the no notification policy to my syllabi. I am the worst offender.