Perfects Day for a Hike by healthwellnessfitness441926299

Fall hikes are the best hikes Advertisements Share this:TwitterFacebookGoogleLike this:Like Loading… Related

These pictures are great! I think we should do a photo contest for folks in the second half of the class.
5 Ways to Teach Closed Syllables by taylor307116712298

Closed syllables are a type of syllable where the word ends in a consonant. Examples of closed syllables include words like “men” and “sit.” Here are five ways to teach closed syllables to students. Closed syllable worksheet – Students can cut and paste syllable and word endings to decide …

A great example from many in my #edu305 class showing how explicit phonics instruction can and should still be production based.
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When we were designing the assessments in the studies you cite we were afraid the Common Core didn’t go far enough.

In fact @wiobyrne developed an instructional model (the one used in this class) around online research and media skills outlined in page four of Appendix A.

I am glad our schools are changing. I do worry this change may not, actually we know it is not, evenly distributed.