Hey #unboundeq check out this quote about #literacies and now think about asking teacher candidates to speak with proper grammar. Have no problem encouraging academic discourse but don’t dismiss a dialect as bad dispositions
Equity Unbound: Advocating for Accessibility by dogtrax (dogtrax.edublogs.org)

Alt text considerations An interesting discussion unfolded into the Equity Unbound hashtag the last few days as some of the organizers — who are university professors — launched a Twitter scavenger hunt, where people tweet mystery images and others tweet guesses as to what the image is.
The iss…

Great synopsis from @dogtrax on our efforts to help make accessibility the default and not an afterthought. #unbouneq

This is a must read thread just as designing for diversity and inclusion is a must have goal for any endeavor…Plus I knew none of this about Einsten. #Bonus #unboundeq