Using Current Events, the iPad, and NEU.Annotate to Teach Argumentative Writing

As teachers address the  Common Core State Standrads they will have to make an instructional shift to  focus on Argumentative writing versus persuasive writing.

Argumentative writing requires a focus on evidence and not simply the emotional pull of persuasive writing. This does not mean, however, that persuasive techniques will not be used in argumentative writing.

In this tutorial I discuss how to use current events and NEU.Annotate to model, teach, and assess students ability to evaluate persuasive techniques.

Steps to Teaching Persuasive Techniques in Argumentative Writing.

1. Choose a current event article with an active discussion (the more vitriol the better). Take a screenshot. To take a screenshot you hit the sleep button and the home button at the same time.

2. Open up NEU.Annotate and insert the image. Click on the Mountain Icon. Choose the camera roll and pick the pic you just took.

 2. Add a second page. Cluck on the arrow icon. Then click on the gear icon. Choose add a page after. I would pick three pages so you can use the I do (model), We do (guided practice), You do (indpendent practice) model.

3. Find a persuasive technique. Using the drawing feature or the arrow point students to the technique.

4. Add a text box identifying the technique.

5. Move the text box above your arrow.

6. Finally have the students send the completed document to you. This can be done via email, as a pic, or Dropbox.

Overtime you will build a collection of annotated exemplars and mentor texts that students can use to model their own writing skills.

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