Interesting discussion about the webmentions badging system occurring on LinkedIn

I love the Wild West of badging. Let communities establish their own credentialing pathways around the values of learning they share.

For businesses and employability these credentials will be linked to observable skills. It’s what they value.

By headless LMS I mean the web. I want students to own their domain and own their data. Focus more on presence than portfolios really. The system becomes the api driven community that lives on top.

We keep the mark up as simple as possible to help parse evidence and let machine learning do much of the work in many fields. Writing, math, etc. We are talking patterns that machines will always be better at.

Let humans focus on the feedback that drive growth and build systems that can track that growth.

In the end a credential is just an Authority saying you have the skills to accomplish something. It is a dichotomous measure. Even if it is awarded on a range of scores in a rubric. You either have it or you don’t.

What badges do now is allow that evidence and criteria to explicitly linked. (I know folks hate the baggage of the , but using “credential” is such a PITA on the backend, documentation, and auth process I shy away… I will argue definitions with academics over engineers any day)

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