#IndieWeb Lighting Demo Round

Tantek Çelik:

Introduces the the lightning rounds, there are three questions to answer: need your name, domain, and an optional cool feature you want to demo on your website described in a sentence or two.

I can post a GitHub issue from my website. Then Bridgy talks to GitHub and publishes the comment on the issue.

Aaron Parecki:

I am Aaron, I don’t have a whole lot of updates, I added a pixel art feature to my website. And when you cnahe it it takes a snapshot and posts to my feed.

Jason MacIntosh:

I added a pronunciation for my name after talking to Martiin on indiewebchat.org. I just came to IndieWeb and I built plerd and an #IndieWeb branch

Chris Aldrich:

I have done a lot this week, but I want to show post kind I am developing called highlights. https://boffosocko.com/kind/highlights

Jared W:

My name is Jared White and basically just rebooted everything with the principles in mind. I am just building the plumbing. I am trying to make the Ui like social network. I guess you can call it Scaled UI morphism

Greg McVerry:

@wiobyrne @jaredcwhite Built an IndieWeb newsletter feautre into your sites.

Jonathan LaCour:

I am Jonathan. I will share one thing that I did. (yeah @withknown site) but I added some coollocation features that will show you my location and it is private to me but I map my movement.


I like retro pages so I built it to look like the nineties. It is a static site and I built lazymentions


So for the last year I have been tracking read posts and linking to Amazon. I recently just launched indiebookclub.biz. It is a micropub client and it will send it over to your site.


I want an Indieweb comic and long form example https://www.comic-rocket.com/explore/ is an example of how not to do this


So I added check ins to my blog, and @aaronpk built me a map that displays all my foursquare checkin

Malcom Blaney:

This is my site you can log in and see it if you want . My big thing this year was indiepay.me

Jim Pick:

My name is Jim Pick. I haven’t updated it in this year. This is my third IndieWeb . I am building on the dat peer to peer protocol. Things like Beaker Browser are cool.


I am grant and it is https://grant.codes. Trying to figure out the last thing I developed . I added a theme color picker. The last thing I did was inpired by @cleverdevil and added a map.

Matthew Lippincourt:

I am creating projects that have internal documentation that then become external documentation


This is an open source javascript project https://graphjs.com that just adds a IndieWeb stuff to your static website.

Michael Toomim:

I amhoping this works I just made it this morning. i just discovered the #IndieWeb this year. I am buildign a syncrhronizing algorithm . I am also trying to build a later of email on the blog and a social feed.

Ryan Barret:

I am Ryan. My site is snarfed.org. It runs on WordPress. Recently I did a repost. A lot of my projects peak into your sites. Shows an IndieWeb ,ap, 380gb of html using webmentions. That is Awesome)

You all know me for using Bridgy. Since launch there are almsot 2,000 unique domains and over 1 millions #webmentions sent.

Jack Jamieson:

Shows the Yarns reader. The mistake I made was not using microsub. My goal

Marty McGuire:

I created Kapowski which is Open Source, and uses Giphy and you can publish to yoru site or copy the html

Shows of zegnat’s h-card on https://vanderven.se/martijn/ He even has his Hogwart’s house.

Doug Beal:

I am in the process of moving my blog to Linode. I am using Docker as my container. Moving a WordPress blog is fairly involved.

David Shanske:

My name is David and I do a lot of WordPress stuff for the community. I have been posting audio posts which becomes a podcast.


div class=’notercite h-cite’>Eric Drexel:


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I have a Known site where I publish my posts and try to get my friends involved.