Excited to Announce the 2014 New Literacies Institute

My favorite time of year rapidly approaches. For the last three years I have had the honor of serving as co-chair and co-organizer of the Massachusetts New Literacies Institute. Each year we refine our model to ensure participants engage in personalized inquiry learning.

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Massachusetts New Literacies Institute
July 8-10, 2014
Holyoke Community College
Holyoke, MA

This year I am excited to announce our first blended conference. By flipping our instruction we have reduced the cost and schools can now send even larger teams of teachers.

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More importantly a blended approach makes greater pedagogical sense. We will meet as community online before we gather face to face in Holyoke. This will allow us to focus on key shifts in the field and enrich our understanding. Then when we all come together for the face to face sessions we can focus on transforming our instructional practice through the use of digital texts and tools.

This year we will focus on the instructional shifts required by the Common Core State Standards and explore how to enhance these shifts with technology.

The best professional development experience I have had in thirty years.  -Participant

What is the Massachusetts New Literacies Institute?

The Massachusetts New Literacies Institute brings together hundreds of educators from all grades and subject areas for three days of rich in-depth professional development. MNLI uses a blended model of delivering content. This consists of pre- Institute activities followed by the three days of hands-on experience with leaders in the field of literacy research.

Before attending the Institute, participants will complete three media-rich learning modules on the cornerstones of New Literacies: Online Reading Comprehension, Online Content Construction, and Online Collaborative Inquiry. These learning events will include videos, learning activities, and synchronous chats. They will prepare the participants for the three days of hands-on digital text and tools sessions.

During the Institute participants are immersed in a series of hands-on technology workshops. Small groups, led by a member of the MNLI team, will focus on enhancing their instruction and supporting the Common Core State Standards and other state initiatives through the integration of digital text and tools.

What I learned at MNLI has changed the way I teach forever -Particpant

Cornerstones of the Online Research and Media Skills Model

The Common Core State Standards expect student to have the online research and media skills necessary to for college and career readiness. How do you prepare students to be ready for technology and careers that do not exist? Instead of focusing on specific tools the MNLI team puts pedagogy first and focuses more on social practices of New Literacies  rather than tools we use.

New Literacies examines much more than just using digital tools. It is an examination of how digital tools allow us to express a sense of agency, while negotiating meaning within different social contexts. Using this theoretical underpinning we  believe online research and media skills involve three cornerstones: online reading comprehension, online content construction, and online collaborative inquiry.

Online Reading Comprehension

The skills, strategies, and practices necessary to question, locate, evaluate, synthesize, and communicate online information from multiple sources and modes.

Online Content Construction

Process by which students construct and redesign knowledge by actively encoding and decoding meaning in digital spaces.

Online Collaborative Inquiry

A group of learners, either global or local, who reach a common outcome through multiple pathways of knowledge.

If you could only attend one conference for the rest of your life make it MNLI -Participant

Learn More

If you want to learn more about our institute please visit MNLI.org. There you will find registration information, conference details, and examples from the past conferences.

Each Wednesday, from now until June, I will also release new information and posts related to the conference.

I look forward to seeing you this summer.


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