#EDU522 Launch Videos and Updates: Join an #IndieWeb Blogging 101 Course

The time has arrived and a new breed of educational bloggers will emerge from the ashes of the #EDU522.

Having a focus on learning, open pedagogy, and the #indieweb as educators we will spend the next three weeks understanding how to teach with digital tools by trying out new digital tools.

Launching your blog

You can not understand how truth gets shaped by shaping your own. If you need help in launching an #IndieWeb WordPress blog find it on the Week Zero Page

If you are taking the class for credit we have a site license for the Elementor Page credit. I will send you an activation code once your website is up and running

Joining the Class

You will also need to sign up for our Slack channel.

Connecting your Feed

Don’t worry about other people finding your blog. I am busy trying to build us a cool page that will pull in all our feeds.

RSS is still pretty awesome. Modeling for students how to control your own data and own your domain..even awesomer.

Syndicating our Class

Part of open pedagogy is taking advantage of existing and expanding networks.

If you are on Twitter use the the hashtag #edu522. We will, hopefully, be syndicating all our tweets from websites we own. There are amazing edcational Twitter chats scheduled for every hour of every day. Check them out.

We will also be syndicating to a community whose values more align with that of open pedagogy: https:/micro.blog. I will post a tutorial on how to sign up and syndicate your posts to micro.blog. If you want to leverage the community you would need a paid plan which is only $5 a month, but it is in no way required. Totally optional.

Using Mobile

You will be able to read and reply to other posts from your phone. Later on in the week I will do tutorials on cool iOS and Android apps. For now just worry about getting the website up.

Getting Help

Finding me over the next few days should be easy. I am on campus all day Tuesday. I will be online all day today and the rest of the week. Everyone is welcome to HWC-Blogging 101 Wednesday.

Here are some launch videos for your video viewing (dis)pleasure:

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