Goals The affinity in these spaces is to the endeavor, not other people. People from all ages, ethnicities, educational levels, and cultures play/create together – often anonymously or using alter-identities.​ #DS106 If spreading creative chaos all across the interwebz while spinning yarns and tales through many modes equals a shared endeavor. .. #DS106 ….

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Not segregated by age; there is no assumption that older or more senior participants are the only ones with something to teach. #DS106 I am not sure half the people are human and ton of so old they opened up a store to rent VHS tapes. Not a lie.

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Crypt Keeper Old
Foot in the Grave 59%
Dolls and Cows? 19%
Born After The Nintendo
Youngins 29%
The WWW is Older
College Kids 50%

Common Space

Not segregated by experience; newbies, masters, and everyone else share a common space. #DS106 Everyone gathers togwether on Twitter or Google Plus. People are encouraged to use RSS and comment on each other’s blog. In #Ds106 the web is the commonspace.

RSS The Flow
  • Education Evolutions #128
    Person looking at smartphone in the dark flickr photo by Japanexperterna.se shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license It has been a long time since I sat down and collected readings and thoughts about them with the intent of sharing. When everything went sideways in the spring there was just …
    Fred Haas
  • Neues Online Casino Deutschland, Österreich-Bestes Bitcoin Glücksspiel
    Top Secret 10 – Das Manöver Das ist eine Frage, die viele Menschen stellen. Alles hängt davon ab, in welchem Land Sie leben. Gewinner des Hauptpreises vom zweiten. Es ist ein unbeschreiblich gutes Gefühl, zu gewinnen. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. 20 – Der YouTuber DougisRaw hat 4 …
  • Back Yard
    September 27, 2020. It was a bit windy for cycling today, and anyhow I had my fill yesterday, so I tayed in, watched the ball game, and prepared some posts for next week’s OLDaily. Work tomorrow then a few days in the Laurentians. https://flic.kr/p/2jLYUjC…
  • Hunting
    September 25, 2020. This time every year we get an influx of ladybugs (or something similar) into the house. The kittens love watching them – here’s Charlemagne (with his many extra toes) hunting them on the ceiling. A couple of longer meetings today having to do with data literacy and…