Goals The affinity in these spaces is to the endeavor, not other people. People from all ages, ethnicities, educational levels, and cultures play/create together – often anonymously or using alter-identities.​ #DS106 If spreading creative chaos all across the interwebz while spinning yarns and tales through many modes equals a shared endeavor. .. #DS106 ….

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Not segregated by age; there is no assumption that older or more senior participants are the only ones with something to teach. #DS106 I am not sure half the people are human and ton of so old they opened up a store to rent VHS tapes. Not a lie.

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Crypt Keeper Old
Foot in the Grave 59%
Dolls and Cows? 19%
Born After The Nintendo
Youngins 29%
The WWW is Older
College Kids 50%

Common Space

Not segregated by experience; newbies, masters, and everyone else share a common space. #DS106 Everyone gathers togwether on Twitter or Google Plus. People are encouraged to use RSS and comment on each other’s blog. In #Ds106 the web is the commonspace.

RSS The Flow
  • Villa Lafabregue
    December 6, 2022. This is where I am staying in Prades. Off-season rates are very reasonable and I’ve been very comfortable here. Went to the market and then had lunch, more conversation about knowing and information. In the afternoon I explored the town of Ille-sur-Tet. Evening was my usual reading…
  • Intro to DGST: Final Part 1 – Reflection
  • R0535
    This is a continuation of the Glitch project for the portfolio. Originally, I planned to find pictures of a flower at different stages of growth to add a more intense glitch to each further phase down the line. Unfortunately, it was really difficult to find any solid images to use, …
  • Introduction to Digital Studies: Methodology Module
    Methodology Module Assignment – Digital Journalism …