Just over twenty years ago, at the same time (Hypothesis)

I’ve been trying to follow your IndieWeb adventures, Greg. Can you point us to what you are up to? (I did see your note about how Edublogs seems resistant to integrating with IndieWeb feed .. or did I read that wrong?)

@dogtrax….hmm how to keep up with my #IndieWeb stuff….well I will give you my #IndieWeb answer: Check out my blog: https://jgregorymcverry.

You can see all my note Tweets first published as notes: https://archive.jgregorymcverry.com/kind/note/
All of my quotes of blogs I read and replies to other tweets.

But Kevin you are one of the most #IndiewWeb people I know. I often hold you up as the standard of being #indie but using services like Google Sites or EduBlogger. It comes down to owning your content, controlling your identity. Having the technology to connect with the community is an important but distant third to the first two values.

Edublogs is a special version of WordPress. In order to ensure stability for users they do not allow too many plugins. You can add an h-card, which is like a business card, to your homepage, header or footer but that is about it.

We are going to organize a virtual IndieWebCamp for some time in August. We should see if @ncte wants to get involved at all.

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