Can we have an #IndieWeb webmentions credentialing system? #OpenBadges

Many have come to know me as an inquisitive skeptic when is comes to badging. Yes I believe we need to remediate assessment. Yet I know the introduction of measure changes learning, and always felt we used a huge system for what boils down to a dichotomous measure. You either earn a badge or you don’t. It is a checkbox with a bit of metadata.

Over the past few weeks I have discussed this in the #IndieWeb channels with Aaron Parecki and Tantek ร‡elik if we could use webmentions as a credentialing tool. When you think about it an #openbadges boils down to two permalinks: the task, with criteria and evidence; and the learner artifact with evidence of learning.

In this example the teacher would put a target url to a task that has mark up for criteria and evidence such as

They then enter in the url to the student work.

You add a badge image and indicate if it is awarded. The webmention would be sent to the students post and to the class website. The hcard of the teacher and the organization would act as endorsement.

other option for credential

In this example, a bit easier technically as only website gets parsed. The teacher adds in the url to the learner evidence and puts the criteria and evidence for the credential in the body of the post.

Then some kind of ledger or validator like my Bridgy page (above) or (below) would create a permanent record outside of both both the class website and the source of learner evidence.

What do people think? Can we do it? Should a badge just be two permalinks and not a gigantic protocol with quasi-open stewardship of the standards?

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  1. I have to assess my students. Part of the job. Would it be better to assign a number from a teacher built assessment with probably no reliability? Should I just roll the dice and give a number?Communities give value to credentials just how university give value to a 4.0 GPA scale that means nothing.

    I post everywhere

  2. I think that this is an interesting idea Greg. I am interested in the idea that if your evidence associated with the badge in question changes, you can simply send a new webmention. Also, in reverse I wonder if webmentions can be used as a may of managing badges that have an expiry date?

    1. That is how webmentions functions now. If I update a post and trigger a new webmnetion the badge would update, but if he had a ledger tat worked like then you would have a record of the original submission and the revised submission.

  3. I’m still trying to figure out what happened with the “hyphen” discussion. ๐Ÿ™‚

    This is why people hate tech PDs. I start by talking about fixing sharing settings on a Google Doc, and then five minutes later I’m talking about filter bubbles, corporate silos, or online trolls. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Don’t ever blink again, is all I can say. I left to run a couple of errands and just look at this mess, hahaha. I’m resurrecting one topic from your original post though, about classes/categories of #highered personnel (employees, stakeholders, whatever).

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