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My 2019-01-01 Commitment by Marty McGuireMarty McGuire

2018 is drawing to a close and wow, what a year. It feels like it has, by turns, both crawled and raced by on its way. Tonight I’m at my final Homebrew Website Club as an organizer before the moving truck comes tomorrow and we begin our transfer to NYC. If all goes well we should be living our lives…

Best of luck. Enjoy NYC. So excited for you two… Ohh yeah Hugo and Go.. Cool.
Workflow Thinking and Purposeful Friction

By stepping away from the familiar and searching for potential friction points, however, a writer can better understand how particular tools or formats shape and structure their work.
Source: Writing Workflows | Chapter 1
I’m a few chapters in and enjoying the pre-peer review draft of “Writing W…

I always chunk my papers. Did the last on GitHub… Was okay. I can do samething in HTML or Google Docs.
Hey #edu305 here is your self-reflection assignment: You

Either complete the form or publish a page with the required links as a portfolio.

In fact, while not required, that is a good self-grading filter. If your work is good enough to display to a potential community of principals, parents, and students you should give yourself an A.

So after scripting your dialogical reading lesson complete the reflection either by doing the form or posting a page (remember you can password protect and I would skip first question).