Well @trevorpaglen https://imagenet-roulette.paglen.com/ has compared my image to the world and decided I am a skinhead

ImageNet contains a number of problematic, offensive and bizarre categories – all drawn from WordNet. Some use misogynistic or racist terminology. Hence, the results ImageNet Roulette returns will also draw upon those categories. That is by design: we want to shed light on what happens when technical systems are trained on problematic training data. AI classifications of people are rarely made visible to the people being classified. ImageNet Roulette provides a glimpse into that process – and to show the ways things can go wrong.

so basically its not AI it just randomly assigns you an offensive word…I maybe grey but I am not bold…Could have labled me a SHARP… that be okayish…I could go find my ten hole steel caps docs somewhere in my closet.

Source: quickthoughts