Annotating the Web: An Open Codebook for Tags

hacking in a suite at clarion
cc licensed ( BY-NC ) flickr photo shared by Johan Nilsson

Last night David Quinn joined me for a hybrid Twitter chat and hack session. Basically we were building off of the web show featuring Julie Coiro  to explore using open annotation tools.

While the Twitter chat really only involved David, myself and Laura Gogia a group of learners joined us on on the #hacksession to create a code.

I always use a codebook when teach annotation. As these annotations become social the codebook evolves into a series of tags.

Our goal was to create an open codebook (click here for the doc) to be used once we start to do the #QuestionTheWeb activities with students.

I enjoy Twitter chats that go beyond the echochamber. Granted this works in small chats like #QuestionTheWeb (n=3) but doing open #hacksessions is a great way to give voice to educators and students.

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