Recruiting Guest Speakers for #EDU522-Come Join me for <10 min

I am exploring audio and video formats as part of #EDU522. In all of my onlien teaching students enjoy expert panels more than recorded slide decks. Yet, I also know few finish hour long podcast So after watching how microcast work on in the community I thought about switching it up for #EDU522: Digital…

#EDU522 Launch Videos and Updates: Join an #IndieWeb Blogging 101 Course

The time has arrived and a new breed of educational bloggers will emerge from the ashes of the #EDU522. Having a focus on learning, open pedagogy, and the #indieweb as educators we will spend the next three weeks understanding how to teach with digital tools by trying out new digital tools. Launching your blog You…

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

Read Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience Listen Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience Thinking about this and the web. Coincidence I named #edu522 “What’s Your Flow” I was going more with  a stream vibe and hiphop connotation.Glad it works for psychology as well. By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Greg McVerry Source: quickthoughts

Is this a trick question? Are you trying to lead this horse to the trough that is webmentions? I got all of yoru “read” post in #edu522 to every reading “watch” to every video, and “listen” to every podcast. I got your summary. I would then send replies. Then we could get into the whole…

I didn’t get to use a social reader when teaching  yet but I was able to try a webmention empowered classroom. Saw huge potential as ways to track growth and find natural assessments. Find @chrisalrdich’s #edu522 feed. Check it out.

FYI my courses  this semester feel free to grab or remix

@CeOuimet  Glad you found #edu522 rewarding. @scsu becoming a hotbed of work around #GoOpen . If you want to think about an independent study of #openpedagogy and adult ed @downes is running a MOOC, we could design class to play in that space