True best tech ever invented came about in environments of “scratch your own itch” and “self-dogfooding,” but we can do great stuff and call process something else. As teacher I can’t look into a classroom full of children and use these terms.

We spent a lot of time discussing this at #IndieWeb organizers meeting (not self-dogfooding) intentional word choice. We renamed leaders to organizers. Proposed a trifurcated redesign of wiki homepage for three audiences.

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Thanks for the kind response.
I’ll answer here your webmention reply didn’t show on my site. I’m sure I probably have a setting for that wrong somewhere. ?
You are right, WordPress is a handful to get set up. If you add in the Indieweb stuff it be…

I do not think you have the #IndieWeb webmentions plug in installed. I would see a box below to add my post as a webmention. If you want to spend ten minutes doing a tune up I would be happy to poke around. Just hit me up in chat anytime. Rest assured we are taking…

How do we learn to code: 1 Plagiarism looking at source code and copy and pasting till you find the pattern 2.Auto-didactism Even if you selfdogfood i’s all group work #edtechie18