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Study 2 examined the relation between theory of mind and fables understanding among 186 Junior (4-year-old) and Senior (5-year-old) Kindergarten children.

Your first question ask when you see sentences like these is how do you define these two things and how do you measure these two things: theory of mind and fable understanding.

Reading comprehension research has demonstrated that children develop a story schema through repeated exposure to stories (e.g., ).

This is why we do story maps from beginning, middle and end, to the plot “roller coasters” of middle school, to a post modern interpretation. Stories have shapes.

Remember though dominant story structures get reinforced. There is never just one story.

Researchers argue that this shift in understanding constructed by the child – albeit developmentally constrained – develops over the course of the preschool years, and is characterized differently at different ages.

Parents will tell you this “false-belief” is also contextually constrained and unconstrained at the same time in young children.

Authors do a good job of describing their measures to answer the questions I asked earlier.

I am sure most of you tune out at this point once we get into the statistics. That’s okay skip ahead to the conclusion. We should cover the reading of some basic research.

Taken together, the results show that as children age, they gain an increasing understanding of fables.

You mean as children get older they find it easier to  understand simple stories? Hold the presses.

his developing awareness is likewise related to general reading comprehension as measured by standardized passage comprehension tests and to general vocabulary knowledge.

And a curriculum designed for centuries to teach these exact things, plus a story structure spanning a millenia

 In fact, theory of mind understanding contributed most to Kindergarten children’s understanding of the fables beyond the contribution of general vocabulary.

Or theory of mind was almost impossible to separate from comprehension and you had two different measurers of the same thing predicting each other.

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