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Read On Using Titles, Tags, and Categories by Greg McVerry Greg McVerry (jgregorymcverry.com) There seems to be some confusion uin #edu522 about when to add a title and when to leave a post with a title. This is the #IndieWeb the choice is utimatley yours. If a one word post deserves a title..give i…

Yeah, I go back in forth with this. Especially with new bloggers. I am adding one more layer of complexity. One more thing to remember to click in WordPress.

I didn’t use different categories and tags for different audiences I would spin up a new blog like https://clmooc.jgregorymcverry.com I am just as bad organizing digitally as I am in real life.

Yet I like the backstage post. It is an idea I took from Alan Levine as part of a course he ran called YouShow. I used tumblr for my first backstage blog https://throwingwhilewriting.tumblr.com

A backstage blog is really a tutorial/reflection as a step by step guide on how to do something with digital media. Being a class on teaching and learning I think it is important for participants to think about this. Making a separate category or tag kind of frames the mind and puts people in the mindset for reflection.

You do a ton of “backstage” posts all the time. Just call them something different.

I also want the tag or category so I can get real creative with the feeds page. Once I get students using post kids, categories, and tags well I can start having a ton of fun embedding feeds in new ways.

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